Neo-Cabaret “Pastel de Choclo”, "Colectivo La Zurda", Spain - Chile, Barcelona

"Colectivo La Zurda" was founded in 2001 in Barcelona by the playwright and director Daniel Naranjo, actor Carlos Concha and set-designer Jorge Wittwer – all Chileans by origin. They tried to find a form of creative interaction between the Chilean culture and their second home - Barcelona. In their performances they use various theatre and cinema techniques. “Pastel de Choclo” is a serious thought about exiles, who have to leave their motherland, about life in emigration and cultural identity... A person in exile goes through three psychological conditions - despair, insanity and disappointment. Music is written for this performance by the Chilean composer Catalina Claro, it includes a fragment from “cueca” (traditional Chilean dance) and musical recital of the poem by the Nobel Prize winner Gabriela Mistral.

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